Our Mission Statement

The New Zealand Antique and Historical Arms Association Inc. is dedicated to the discovery, collection and preservation of arms of all descriptions with a view to contributing to the pool of knowledge and to the balance of understanding their place in society at all periods of history.

Club History

The Auckland Branch was incorporated in 1984 and is an affiliated branch of the National organisation NZ Antique and Historical Arms Association.

Our club was founded by a group of enthusiasts and collectors with the aim of fostering the collecting of arms and militaria and ephemera as well as preserving the valuable history that is associated with these items.

The Branch also has an active shooting calendar with regular range days where responsible use of a variety of firearms occurs.
These shoots are held primarily at the NZDA (Auckland Branch) Range in Riverhead.
Items of interest to our members are displayed and put to use. Items members have brought along to previous range days include:

  • black powder muzzle loaders
  • flintlocks
  • early breech loaders
  • Enfields and SMLE military rifles
  • arms from NZ wars, Boer wars, WWI, WWII, Vietnam and other conflicts that are part of history.

History and the preservation of knowledge about the weapons, militaria and ephemera are highlighted in the Annual Branch Gun Show where the members create informative displays and are available to answer questions about displayed items.

We encourage members to share their knowledge about any areas they may specialise in. If you have an interest in any of these areas, please refer to the 'join us' section of this site - you're bound to find a member that shares your interest.

The Branch is also a place where collectors can buy sell or swap items of interest.

Join Us

The Branch encourages responsible collectors to join our Society.

If you have an interest in an area of military or sporting history or you collect associated or related items, you are most welcome to come and meet our members at one of our monthly meetings - simply contact us by e-mail or just turn up at a meeting. Details available here.


If you need advice on valuing or selling any arms or items of militaria, or need to have the item identified or perhaps even tips on how best to preserve them, our Branch has many expert members who can offer you valuable advice.

Please contact us or bring the item along to one of our monthly meetings, as members can provide a range of tips that may be of help.

Auckland Branch would like to acknowledge and thank Dennis Lalley for his photographs of the displays at our Gun Show and for allowing the Branch to use his work on this website.

Our Cause and Objectives

We would also like to thank our members and others for the vast amount of kind support and assistance in supplying photos and articles, etc. for this website.
  • To bring together like minded people with interests in history and information, military collecting, arms, weapons, medals, badges, accoutrements, armour, uniforms, artefacts, etc.
  • Promote exchanges of information and materials.
  • Promote interests of the Members.
  • Promote legal and responsible shooting activities.
  • Establish liaisons with similar groups.
  • Foster mutual cooperation in the interests of the Branch.
  • Represent the Members to Government and Local Bodies.