The Jack Dickey Hall has unfortunately been overbooked. This means no more meetings on the third Wednesday of the month.
However, we have managed to secure the same hall but on the third THURSDAY of each month. So, same time, same place, but on the THIRD THURSDAY.
We opted for this hoping that this necessary change will have the least effect on members. We hope it doesn’t unduly affect anyone.

SO … The next meeting will be the 2017 AGM and will be at the Jack Dickie Hall on Thursday the 17th August. See you all there.

Due to spiralling costs, the Auckland Branch Annual Gunshow will held at a new venue from now on. It will now be held at Alexandra Park Raceway in the Rutherford Room. There are more car parks, larger area, etc. Should prove to be an great improvement. It will still be held on the first Sunday in July.
We apologise for any hassle but hope to see you there…

Here's a link to a great Black Powder Web Site. The author has recently released a book. It's certainly worth a look.
Click here to have a look

For those that are interested, the next Cannon and Mortar Shoot will be held on Saturday 20th of May 2017. The entry time is 8.45 am.
Bring the kids for a fun morning. Hearing protection is mandatory on the range, so please bring some with you, if you can.

The May 2014 cannon shoot was attended by the Whangarei RSA Rifle Club. A great day and a great honour for us.

There are also Military bolt action and MSSA shoots coming up. Please see NZDA Range Calendar here for event times and dates.

The new 2017/2018 Range Calendar is available for you to download right now.

As most of you know, the Law and Order Committee was charged to conduct an inquiry into issues relating to the illegal possession of firearms in New Zealand. It’s terms of reference were as follows:

The enquiry was supposed to be about illegal firearms ownership. However, most of the recommendations  are about curbs on legitimate firearm ownership, with huge restriction and cost implications for firearms owners. Please download the document from here!

It is important for all members to write submissions to the Minister, Paula Bennett, pointing out how this report is an not honest look at firearms crime. So we have provided a summary of the 20 recommendations and the implications of each of the recommendations. This will allow you to write from an informed, factual basis and show the Minister and other politicians the depth of your opposition to those recommendations that unduly penalise legitimate firearms owners.

This table is also a “living document” that members can add to and improve. If we have missed something that you think our members should know about just email our web master with your suggestions.

We don’t think the Inquiry was balanced or fair. As legitimate firearms owners and shooters we resent being targeted under the guise of making New Zealand safer from criminals. The more members who share that opinion and let the Minister know, the better the chances of defeating the real intent of this Inquiry, which is to make things tough for us for no good reason.

Paula Bennett email:

Please send a copy to your local MP. It would be great to include Ron Mark, as New Zealand First are supportive of shooters. Check this out:

Ron Mark email: